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Fordnutz Club History 2017

On January 21st a small, hardy group visited the BC Vintage Truck Museum in Cloverdale where we learned the fascinating history behind the Canadian vehicles in their collection. After the history lesson we had lunch at Ordinary Joe's nearby.

L-R: Scott Ferguson, Heather Whitaker, Cindy Friesen, John Edwards, Bill Ronalds, Kim Friesen
(photo taken by Kelly Vermette)

Our next outing was to 360 Fabrication & Audio in Abbotsford on March 18th. This is truly a one-stop-shop for repairs or restoration of your classic or even your daily driver. Body work, paint, fabrication, wheels & tires, sound system--it's all under one roof.

Owners Daryl & Rick were our tour guides.

L-R: Christine, Thomas & Caleb Smith, Scott Ferguson, Bill Ronalds, Kim Friesen.

This Cord once belonged to Louisiana senator, Huey Long.

...and then our fabulous Cougar Summer began. Being the 50th anniversary of the Mercury Cougar, several clubs from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific pulled out all the stops to host shows featuring our beloved classic cats. Tulsa, Oklahoma kicked off the celebrations on April 21-22 with an event jointly hosted by Mid America Classic Cougars (Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma & Arkansas) and the Lone Star Cougar Club (Texas). To the best of my knowledge, none of our Fordnutz members attended that show, but we did have representation at the next four. Those of us who had the opportunity to spend our summer travelling to these once-in-a-lifetime events will be treasuring the experience for the rest of our lives. What follows is a brief snippet of the next four anniversary events.

June 2-4, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This second anniversary event was another collaboration by the Cougar Clubs of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC) who had the brilliant idea to host their event in conjunction with the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle. This proved to truly be a celebration for the record books: 3200 Fords on the 82-acre show site, 204 of which were Cougars! I doubt this spectacle will ever occur again in our lifetime.

Above: This is what 82 acres of Fords looks like.
Below: Way off in the distance was a row of twenty-five Cougar convertibles. Among them sat Fordnutz member Steve Goulding's beautiful 69 XR-7 (he took third place, by the way). But there are several buildings on site as well, and that's where Jim & Elaine Pinkerton's Cougar One and Scott Ferguson's 68 XR7-G could be found.

Anniversary show number three: June 9-12, Dearborn, Michigan. C.A.T.S. (Cougar Association of the Tri-states- actually representing a total of four: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois) was the host of this anniversary spectacular. The Dearborn/Detroit area has to be a bucket-list destination for any car enthusiast, no matter which of the Big Three is favoured and event organizers made certain to afford participants every opportunity to maximize their experience. There was a 102-Cougar cruise, tours of car collections and museums, and as if that wasn't enough, the show itself was held at Ford World Headquarters! How cool is that?

The world-famous Henry Ford Museum. Inside Cougar owners from several clubs tour through this impressive building.

Part of the 102-cat cruise.

Inside the Roush Museum

No photos were allowed inside the Rouge factory.

Fair Lane was Henry & Cora Ford's estate.

Dearborn saw the addition of more Fordnutz members. Here we are at an Italian dinner.
L-R: LaDonna & Karl Gehlhaar, Neal Jacobson, Zana & Steve Goulding, retired Ford engineer Brett Irick, and Scott Ferguson.

Kevin Marti and Jim Pinkerton deep in conversation.

Show cars were parked beneath solar panels at Ford World Headquarters.

A rare sighting of elusive Cougar II.