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Fordnutz Club History 2016

Fordnutz had a small contingent at this year's Downtown Port Coquitlam Car Show on August 21st. Over 400 cars took over the city streets while several live bands played popular hits and car owners checked out all the local businesses.

L-R: Scott Ferguson's 68 XR7-G, Fil Spasojevic's 67 standard and Sheldon Potts' 59 Edsel.

L-R: Heather Whitaker's 69 XR 7, Bill Ronalds' 69 standard and Don Wicklund's 69 XR 7 428 CJ

The Canadian Falcon Fairlane Comet Club's annual Labour Day show was once again held in Langley. September 5th was rather blustery with intermittent showers but there were plenty of vehicles on site, and although all five Fordnutz in attendance own Cougars, only two chose to drive them. Guy Stromsten drove his 68 XR 7 GT race car but left the show early and Bill Ronalds drove his 69 standard convertible (top up). Terry Robertson drove his 40 Ford Pickup, Jim Ferguson drove his 29 Model A hot rod and Tom Wood trailered his 64 Comet Cyclone.

On October 30th a dozen Fordnutz members toured Wasney Automotive in South Burnaby. Ed Wasney has been a fixture in the Vancouver area for decades as a Ford-exclusive wrecking yard, but not everyone knows about his terrific collection of "automobilia" housed in a few buildings on site. Ed was present to share coffee and doughnuts with us on this day and those fortunate enough to be within earshot were party to some of his fascinating stories, many of which described his acquisition of some artefacts and the history behind them while some were pure adventure from his youth.

Our host: Ed Wasney Sr.

Some of Ed's vast collection includes Fords from the turn of the last century in one building. In another there are artefacts from the early Vancouver streets, furniture from 19th century homes and business and even the doors are from the old Expo 86 pavillions.

On one wall is a group of pictures showing beautiful young women posing with a variety of things automotive. Ed explained that these were from a Playboy photo shoot years ago and when "the young ladies just got undressed in front of me, well, I just had to look." Some supervisory jobs are so tough to take.

The Friesens were our Christmas party hosts again this year and the turnout was pretty good with many attendees contributing either goods or money to the Surrey Food Bank box. The weather on December 3rd was predictably nasty, but Kim and Cindy's warm hospitality paired with the company of other Fordnutz friends made this annual event another resounding success. Even some out-of-town members made the effort to join us: Shawn and Stephine Boyd from Gibsons and Rob and Kirsten Waine who recently moved to Christina Lake. As usual, there were games of "Test Your Mettle" and "What's In The Box?" for those who wanted to vie for prizes. The winners were announced after dinner amid much moaning, groaning and laughter when the correct answers were disclosed. The victor of the female version of "Mettle" was Kirsten Waine with Marlene Unruh finishing second in a tie-breaker. Both ladies won coveted Starbucks gift cards. Scott Ferguson won the male side of the contest taking home a Ford blue bag filled with work gloves, a thermal mug and a pair of cargo straps. While we waited for the fellas to break the four-way tie for second place, it was pointed out that Mel Snow got zero correct answers and he was very disappointed that there was no prize for that distinction. Rob Waine was the eventual second place finisher winning another blue bag. When the mystery box contents were revealed and the winners announced, Mel managed to redeem himself by guessing 10 out of 12 items correctly. Near misses were Rob Waine with 9, Bill Ronalds with 8 and Harry Unruh with 7. All winners received a t-shirt and calendar donated by the Boyds (advertising their family business).

Left: Marlene Unruh puts the finishing touches on her salad while others catch up on the latest news.