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Fordnutz Club History 2015

As you can see from this first picture, January 18th was a nasty day: cold, wet and windy for our visit to Granny & Grumpa's Antiques in Abbotsford, BC.

13 members and friends hunted through the various buildings and barns on the property for any "must-have" treasures (and some were even found). After two hours of "shopping", we returned to the Friesen home for hot coffee and a brief club meeting - we even signed up a new member - and before heading home we had a delicious dinner of Cindy Friesen's hot chili and some of her home baking.

On March 15th 9 of us visited the Stave Falls Dam in Mission, BC. This power-generating facility kept the lights on in most areas of the lower Fraser Valley from 1900 through 2000 when a more modern power plant came on line. At this time, the old building was refurbished and turned into a visitors' centre filled with artefacts from the last century. There's also a movie on the building of the original dam and a small demonstration Tesla coil. Pretty good value for our $4 entry fee. This site may look familiar as it has been used by the movie industry for many major productions like X-Men 2.

L-R: Scott Ferguson, Joan & Bill Ronalds, Kim & Cindy Friesen, Tuula & Myron Pajak and Grant Hadland.

Besides these original turbines, there are so many interesting things to pore over. Scott, Myron and Tuula check out what's in all these beautifully finished display cases.

This little show at the Otter Co-op in Aldergrove, BC is very popular. Because the sun seemed to be shining only in Aldergrove on April 26th, there were few Fordnutz members in attendance. This is purely a charity event so there are no trophies, but I hear the $2.99 breakfast is fantastic.

On May 3rd Bill Ronalds (69 convertible) and Fil Spasojevic (67 Cougar coupe) attended the Poppy High School show in Langley, BC while Jeff & Carol Bingaman drove their 70 hardtop to Port Angeles, Wa for the Mustangs & Cougars show. Very few Cougars were at either venue.

The Lions Sockeye Run on June 14th in Steveston, BC saw only 1 Fordnutz Cougar. The  beautiful blue 67 of Fil Spasojevic took 2nd place in his class.

The giant Fathers' Day event at Heritage Park in Mission, BC used to draw dozens of Fordnutz members but this year only two couples were known to have attended.

The Peach City Beach Cruise in Penticton, BC is another popular event. The location along the shore of Okanagan Lake is beautiful and there's plenty going on to keep show-goers interested. 5 Fordnutz cars attended this year's show on June 26-28: Bill Ronalds' 69 Cougar convertible, Dean & Liane Henschke's 68 Cougar, Mel Snow's 69 Mustang, Brad Carson's 70 Mustang and Fil Spasojevic's 67 Cougar. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the above events to share with you.

Road trip! Northern California's Stray Cats hosted their annual show in Danville this year and a few Fordnutz made the trip.
This 2-day event (
June 26-27) began on Friday, with a cruise through wine country after which Rob & Julie Crowder once again opened up their home to host a pool and pizza party. The pool was refreshing and the pizza delicious!
The Saturday show was held at the Black Hawk Museum, a fascinating place housing many expensive and prototype vehicles on the main floor and a native American history museum on the upper floor. Nearly 100 Cougars attended the show including 7 G's, 2 GTE's and 3 Eliminators. All three Fordnutz members took top honours in their respective classes and Scott Ferguson even won Best of Show for his 68 Madras Blue XR7-G.

Steve details his convertible in preparation for judging which was an option at the show. This beautiful Aqua XR 7 lives in Spokane, Wa

L-R: Terry Robertson, Harry Unruh, Kim Friesen, Bill Ronalds

L-R: Terry's 40 Ford Pickup, Harry's 69 Eliminator and Bill's 69 convertible at the Otter Co-op.

L-R: Jeff Bingaman, Scott Ferguson, Steve & Zana Goulding and Heather Whitaker holding Scott's Best of Show trophy.

July 1st Canada Day Cruise. This annual Fordnutz event is the most popular of the year. Dozens of members come out to join in the Mystery Cruise, garage tour and pot luck BBQ. This year new members Glenn & Arlene Duncan drove their modified 69 Cougar all the way from Mt.Currie to Abbotsford, BC (about 85 miles/136 km) THEN drove it on the cruise, THEN drove back home. That's a lot of driving for one day! In addition, former member Alan Haaland and his wife Sheri plan a summer vacation around this event each year so they flew out from Kansas, drove one of Kim Friesen's Cougars and joined in the fun. Because it was so hot this year, our first stop was the Birchwood Dairy where we got to choose from 50 flavours of fresh-made ice cream. Next we visited the home of Paul & Ginger Moore whose car and memorabilia collection is housed in two large buildings. As we approached the dinner hour, we returned to the Friesen home in Abbotsford for a brief club meeting, some cold drinks and our potluck BBQ. What a great day! No wonder this event is so popular.

Part of the Moores' collection.

As big as Canada Day is north of the border, Independence Day is even bigger on the U.S. side. Here's Harry Unruh's 69 Eliminator at a July 4th show in Blaine, Wa. There were over 200 cars, but no awards.

Parking at the Friesen home gets pretty inventive and, of course, our cars are always a treat for the neighbours.

Chef Kim is quite at home manning the grille and his guests are appreciative of his culinary skills.