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Fordnutz Club History 2009

2009 was a year of change for the "Big Three" U.S. car manufacturers who were going broke. GM and Chrysler took government "bailout" money but Ford chose to revamp how they did business and were much quicker to recover. Fordnutz, too, was dealing with change. Several factors were contributing to reduced attendance at shows on both sides of the border. The US and Canadian governments now required passports or enhanced driver licenses to cross the border and it seemed every town, pub and automotive business was hosting car shows which used to be the province of car clubs. With the economy in decline, few local businesses were willing to offer sponsorship or donate goods while operating costs for club shows were increasing. However, despite these challenges, Fordnutz moved forward planning events, offering a club calendar on the web site and generating interest by slowly creating a pictorial history of all members and their vehicles.

The first mystery cruise of the season was to the Vancouver Aquarium in March.

In May we had a tech session at the Pinkertons in Snohomish, WA.

Jeff Bingaman's 1960 Dodge Phoenix (foreground) and Karl Gehlhaar's 1933 Ford hotrod queue up for the June 12th Car d'Lane cruise. Organizers close the downtown streets of Coeur d'Alene Idaho to all but participants and pedestrians every June for this wildly popular weekend-long event.

July 1st: Kim's Canada Day Cruise to the Chilliwack home of Harry & Irma Peters

L-R: Karri McDonald, Irma Peters, Gail Wood (hidden), Alan & Sheri Haaland, Steve O'Connell, Maurlice Hadland, Tuula Pajak (hidden), Cindy & Heather Friesen, Myron Pajak, Julie & Terry Robertson, Liane & Dean Henschke (behind), Kelsey Henschke, Joan & Al Gibson, John Edwards, Heather Whitaker, Grant Hadland, Kelly Vermette, Jim Ferguson, Tom Wood.