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Fordnutz Club History 1985-1992

IN THE BEGINNING...there was the West Coast Cougar Club.
Way back in
1985 there was talk of starting a car club for the Mercury Cougar and in March 1987 three Cougar enthusiasts (Lorne Pirson, Steve Gorrill and Scott Ferguson) organized the groundwork. By September of that same year the club had officers (Steve was President, Scott was VP, Lorne was Treasurer , new member Ted Eymundson was Secretary) and twenty members. Less than a year later there were 39 members paying dues of $20 per year. Membership and business cards were produced, window decals and clothing patches were available and a newsletter was being issued. Monthly meetings were held at Me 'n' Ed's Pizza at Hall and Kingsway in South Burnaby and it seemed this fledgling club was well on its way.

Ted Eymundson's 70 Convertible

WCCC was "dedicated to the preservation of the species" and specialized in model years 67-73.

Steve's 67 XR7 429 before paint

Lorne's and Scott's 68's

1988: Cougars gather at Middlegate Mall across Hall Street from Me 'n' Ed's Pizza before a meet

Before long a camaraderie grew with Cascade Cougar Club in Washington state providing opportunities for cross-border events.

3 XR7 G's at CCC's Prowl in Enumclaw, Wa.

By 1989 members were refurbishing, replacing or adding to their Cougar collections. Steve Gorrill's yellow 67 convertible was now red and Ted Eymundson added this 68 XR7 GT to his stable.